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    NYLON66 has a higher melting point and can maintain good strength and rigidity at higher temperatures. Nanya NYLON66 engineering plastic is made through continuous research and improvement by professional technical team. It has excellent physical properties, good injection molding ability, and complete range of specifications. The products have passed ISO, UL, SGS, CQC certification, and the quality is guaranteed to meet product applications demand.
    Characteristics of Nanya NYLON66 Engineering Plastics
    • Good mechanical strength, toughness, rigidity properties.
    • Good heat resistance, high heat resistance HDT after adding glass fiber.
    • Good wear resistance, lubricity, and electrical properties.
    • Low warpage and good surface.
    • Impact resistance and rapid prototyping.
    • The water absorption rate of NYLON66 is lower than that of NYLON6, so it needs to be fully dried before use.
    The applications of Nanya NYLON66 engineering plastics
    • 1.Electrical and electronic products: terminal blocks, connectors, relays, electrical box shells, plugs and sockets, etc.
    • 2.Automotive and industrial products: water tank brackets, gearshift mechanisms, wheel rim, hand (electric) power tools, high-voltage connectors for electric vehicles, etc.
    • 3.Sports equipment, others: snow boots, roller skate plates, bicycle parts, sports protective gear, remote control car parts, etc.
    Specifications of Nanya NYLON66 Engineering Plastics
    • 1.Glass fiber and mineral fiber reinforced grade
    • 2.Flame retarded
    • 3.Reinforced flame retarded
    • 4.Super toughness
    • 5.Toughened and reinforced grade
    (NPC Otc 16, 2021)
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