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    The chemical and physical properties of Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 are similar, but the melting point of Nylon 6 is lower, with good fluidity and a wide processing and molding range. Compared with other thermoplastics, it has advantages in strength, ductility, wear resistance, and heat resistance. However, it is highly hygroscopic and must be completely dried before molding to avoid defective molded products. Nanya Nylon 6 engineering plastics have complete range of specifications, excellent physical properties, and good injection molding ability. The products have passed ISO, UL, SGS, CQC certification, and the quality is guaranteed.
    Characteristics of Nanya NYLON6 Engineering Plastics
    • Good strength and toughness, excellent impact resistance.
    • Good wear resistance and self-lubricating.
    • Good heat resistance, good flame retardancy, and self-extinguishing.
    • Excellent gas barrier properties and chemical resistance.
    • Suitable for products requiring strength, precision, thermal deformation, and flame retardancy.
    • It has high water absorption and needs to be fully dried before use.
    The Applications of Nanya NYLON6 Engineering Plastic
    • Electrical and electronic products: plugs and sockets, relays, spools, non-fuse switches, gears, etc.
    • Industrial and medical products: machine tool shells and accessories, motor shells, agricultural machinery parts, medical wheelchairs, baby carriages, etc.
    • Bicycles, motorcycles: bicycle seat cushions, transmissions, brake parts, motorcycle rear armrests, etc.
    • Sports, leisure, living: ski mounts, fishing tackle reels, suitcase accessories, tent brackets, gardening tools, office seats, hair dryers, etc.
    Specifications of Nanya NYLON6 Engineering Plastics
    • General purpose
    • Glass fiber and mineral fiber reinforced grade
    • Flame retarded
    • Super toughness
    • Toughened and reinforced grade
    (NPC Otc 16, 2021)
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